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Aiy Aiy Everyone,

Welcome to Edens Secret – No Ordinary Soap Company

Edens Secret was created nearly 9 years ago, because of my love for Fragrance and Natural Handmade Products. It’s wonderful how a perfume can take one back to a forgotten place in time and remind us of beautiful places or memories. I believe that putting affordable Natural Luxuries onto the skin keep the skin looking and feeling wonderful.

We were the first Company in the UK to introduce true Artisan Soaps to our ranges. We were also the very first to make “hand piped” Cupcake Soaps and Soap Cakes as well as many other inovations, as they are known today, creating fabulous high peaks on top, none being made from machines.  We were also the first to create name palaques made from soap, as well as wall decorations, to fragrance the home. We were also the very first to make wedding cakes and wedding favours from soap, selling our first 3 tiered wedding cake in 2005 to a lovely couple called Janet and Brenden, who were brave enough to dare to be different by offering a soap cake instead of an edible cake. Karen, the owner of Edens Secret is a designer and creates all of her own designs, comes up with many new ideas, but only the lucky few make it to the launch pad. Many soapers around the world have taken inspiration from her and created their own products in similar styles. Having around 3 million viewers on her Youtube channel, which is still growing fast. She continues to help and inspire others to help grow the LOVE for Handmade Natural Products, and maybe one day we can change the world into using a little piece of luxury everyday of their lives, instead of commercially made, machine made, chemical based products.

All of our products are made in The Edens Secret Soap Studio, built just this year 2011, and we make ALL of our products in a smoke, pet and dust free environment and none of our products are tested on animals.

Our products travel the world over and over again on a daily basis, and because of their uniqueness they make the most fantastic affordable gifts, for you, your loved ones, friends and colleques. Once you have tried a beautiful piece of soap there is no going back. And we think it’s so much nicer than a box of chocolate or flowers and so much cheaper too.

Quote by Karen:- “I am very proud of what I have created and I’m sure that once you have tried our products you will keep coming back for more and more and so will your friends. Not only are they gorgeous to use, but they are beautiful for keeping the skin in tip top condition. the Secret to Beatuiful Skin. I do hope you will join the thousands of happy customers who enjoy Edens Secret Products and I hope they will become part of your home too!

One of the subjects I am so VERY passionate about,  is “BUYING BRITISH”, now a thing of the past, sadly! But with your help and encouragment, I believe we can build back up what we have lost and create jobs for our people in our Country and our Comminities and bring back what is great about Great Britain. That way we ensure that products are made in the Fair Trade way, like they used to be. This will build our economy, because buy Bying British we ensure that the money is put back into where we live! – Since first writing this, it seems more and more businesses are looking at bringing production back home to the UK. It doesn’t matter where you lkive in the world, by supporting LOCAL business you help to create jobs for local people”.

I have a very huge caring for anybody who is suffering from and abusive background, present or future and continually donate to those areas which I care most about. Abuse is a very taboo subject, which needs to be brought out into the forefront and if I can help in any way, whatsoever to help bring a little happiness to those who suffer, I will do the utmost to do so, as often as I can. We all have something we are very passionate about and this is mine.
If you suffer, please do not suffer in silence, as this only allows the control they have over you. I know, I’ve been there and wish I had opened my mouth to those who love me. Luckily for me I managed to break free eventually. Take care of yourselves, whether you are male, female young or old, my thoughts and prayers are with you every day”.

Kind Regards

Karen xx


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