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Candles & Home Fragrance

WE ARE ALREADY RECEIVING INCREDIBLE FEEDBACK ABOUT OUR CANDLES BEING THE BEST THAT PEOPLE HAVE TRIED AND ARE DELIGHTED TO HEAR THAT REGULAR BUYERS OF THE BEST SELLING CANDLES IN THE WROLD, LIKE OUR CANDLES EVEN BETTER, I'm literally thrilled to hear it, as we put our heart and soul into every pour. Our Natural range of Candles are handmade and handpoured with the finest natural ingredients and fragrances, we do not skimp on fragrance, which is distributed evenly right throughout the whole candle, not just in the top of the candle (as many are these days- thats why you usually only get a good fragrance throw in the first burn of other candles, with ours it is every burn). Our wooden wick adds soemthing extra special to our candles, non smoking and a gentle crackling sound too. We have found the very best Soy wax, for giving the best fragrance throw. We hope you will love our new additions to our already very sucessful ranges of products.

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