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Crystal Clear Facial Moisturiser Day Creme

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If you tend to have very oily skin, and suffer from Spots (sorry to put it so bluntly, we need to let you know EXACTLY what our Crystal Cream does) however, you still wish to moisturise your skin, whilst demolishing your spots, use this face cream daily, each morning and evening before bed. Leaves skin feeling clean, fresh and looking fabulous. We can almost guarantee your spots will have diminished in one week. Do not over do these applications, there really is no need to do so.

I created a wonderful antibacterial recipe that will not dry out the skin, nor make it sore, like most Spot Creams. I suffered terribly from spots as a teenager, and some “friends” used to call me “spots” I remember I used to soak my mine in perfume and buy all sorts of things to get rid of them, nothing worked except for the full on chemical product, but it was sooo harsh that it made my skin sore, red and very very dry, but to me that was better than getting the spots. Nowadays you do not have to suffer with either, by using our Fab Moisturiser.

• Keeps skin fresh and healthy throughout the day

We do not use any Parabens or harmful chemicals in our Products

My Niece “Nicole” recently had her School Prom – a week before she was panicking after getting some spots around her nose, brow and chin area, she came to me and said “Please help, what can you do” I said “I have the perfect treatment” and gave her a pot of this cream, I called in the next day and I could see she had it smothered all over her face, so asked her how many times she had used it that day, they all shouted “about 20” lol, I said, “no need to do that”, just apply before bed and if you want to, put some on in the morning when you get up, strictly morning and night, because too much may have another effect” she and her family called around to our home, about 5 days later, two days before Prom and her skin was CRYSTAL CLEAR – now the only stress she had was to concentrate on her outfit!!!! 65g (2.5oz)

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Crystal Clear Facial Moisturiser Day Creme, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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One Response to “Crystal Clear Facial Moisturiser Day Creme”

  1. karen says:

    Hi Karen, Just wanted to give a big shout out about your face creams! They are Amazeing, i have been using a few of them for a year on and off and now own all of them(Yea me!) They are simply the BEST, i worked for a very large company from Paris that creats upscale cosmestic/ creams and yours is right there with them if not better. If any one is one the fence about these dont be, there that good, i use the Georgous gel and theGoddess cream in the morning and the Glamorous at night also the one with Neroli for any redness as needed whether am or pm this has made a great difference in my skin and i promise others will

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