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Green Twinkles CP Cupcake Soap

Cupcake Soaps - Creme Silk
Price: £4.50

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Handmade by the cold process method of soap making, our rich, creamy and silky soap is the absolute Luxury is soaps. Our Twinkles cupcakes really do sell that well, that I just had to introduce a green one and it’s fab, scented with our incredibly popular Pear Champagne fragrance (this is not the Champagne Pear fragrance that is popular today, this is a much stronger more realistic Pear) and finished with a cute Cream Roses and glitter. (130g min)

Fragrance Strength = Strong

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2 Responses to “Green Twinkles CP Cupcake Soap”

  1. Patty says:

    Okay quick Karens soaps are on a scale from 1 to 10 a 10+. her products weigh anywhere around 4.0-5.0 ozs per bar or cupcake. the smell is great on all the products. You can watch her on You Tube and also if you are living in the US i would like to just add to u to get your list together and then make an order to save money you will save a lot on shipping so make your order at one time with all the products you want or need.Christmas shopping order asap due to the post office having issues and you want ur items asap. Check out the products she has in groups she has were you can buy 3 to 5 cupcakes and this will save money and then she has a way that you can get clearance soaps for a little less and they are just as good and you will be happy just check out everything and I promise you will love it Karen does videos on You tube to help learn more about her , products, and how to make things beautiful. she is artist and knows what she is doing and I hope u are as happy as I am with the products I got from here Karen you are going to make a few Patients of mine very happy for Christmas I love the way you have great customer service, shipping rates are reasonable and products are worth the money thanks Karen for you and everything you do.

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  2. Patty says:

    Hello everyone I bought this item and it is a wonderful smelling item I could not afford to buy a lot from Karen but you will be happy with everything I also was sent a few sample products and I love the raseberry ripple it was wonderful and also a champagne cupcake was sent with the order. I weighed everything I do this all the time to see how much the weigh all of these soaps weigh anywhere from 4.0 to 5.0 ozs so it is a good size bar and i know you will love everything. I watch her on You Tube she helps and makes and shows you a lot of things, and it makes you a better soap maker. Right now here I have a few things that will help with your holiday shopping . One is that if you order from Karen order in large quanities and I tell u why she sells so many sets you can find a set that will be cheaper and make more gifts for u to give which is a good thing. She has offers of soaps that are different recipe and there is nothing wrong with these they jsut cost a little cheaper the others because she either changed her recieps or etc. but she gives you so many choices to choice from. And if you order these you can get a lot of products to be given as gifts. Also she has cupcakes that are sold in lots of 3 or and 5 I am not so sure but I know she gives you these lots. Check out the lots she has because you can buy them and you will have a lot of gifts for not a lot of money so this is good. I also want to say please order all of the items you want at one time and asap because what happens is the post office cant seem to get orders quick enough to you so if you order now you will get them before Christmas and I am only saying this because of the layoffs and it is taking extra time and you want your gifts asap. I want say that I bought one bar and it would of been better for me to do all the shopping at once instead of going back and forth because the shipping is what is costing so get your list together and then place your order and I am telling you it is a good way of doing it. You will save on shipping because of the economy you want to say anyway u can. And save money you will if you order all at one time trust me the shipping is different from over there to here. And Karen makes up for everything she helped me help give to my foundation a extra gift One of the patients her will be so happy Karen because she loves watching you I would hope one day you would say hi to her If you would like to know her name let me know. So on a scale from one to ten Karen hits the 10+ on her products, shipping and customer service. Try Karens products you will not be disappointed if you are from the USA shipping is higher that is why I am asking of you to get your product order together and then make your order so you save on shipping and again double check her packs of soaps were you are also getting a better deal with economy as bad as it is we all want to save. Also everyone Karen gives to great organizations and is so helpful what a great women and soap maker. Thanks Karen you are so artist and such a great soap maker………….Patty

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