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Burlesque Solid Perfume Body Butter

Solid Perfumed Body Butters
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Full of Real Rose Petals to re-hydrate your beautiful skin, this fragrance is just like a very famous perfume that I love, voluptuous classic blend of Rose, Orchid, Violets, Muguet of Rose and Freesia, a voluptuous classic. If you love perfumd florals then this is perfume is unbeatable. Just rub onto wet or dry skin to allow the butters, oils and fragrance to melt on, so that you smell devine all day long and you skin will be glowing too. Another best seller. (100g 4oz ish)

Fragrance strength = Medium – Strong

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Burlesque Solid Perfume Body Butter, 10.0 out of 10 based on 5 ratings
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5 Responses to “Burlesque Solid Perfume Body Butter”

  1. Barbie says:

    I can’t stop smelling my arms! This fragrance is heavenly and lasts all day. My skin is also now softer than I ever remember it being and I’m a daily lotion user. This is so much better than regular lotion.

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  2. karen says:

    Just wanted to thank you very much for your much appreciated speedy delivery. Your products are brilliant. I usually buy Lush Cosmetics massage bars etc., but yours smell much nicer. I am now an avid fan. Thanks again.:)


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  3. Rhowen says:

    Finally, my daughter can enjoy fragrance! For 16 years, she always smell like a medicated cream. She has very dry skin and eczema flare ups. Sometimes, even her medicated creams seems to make it worst. Nowadays, I have a happy daughter – her skin is smooth [as any girls skin should be]. No dryness, no itchiness, no redness – just beautiful skin!!

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  4. When I buy something I always look at the packaging first to see if it makes me want to buy. I think packaging is almost as important as the soap itself and this product certainly caught my eye. I just had to buy some.

    My soap was elegantly wrapped in a transparent plastic sheet finished off with a curly purple ribbon. This choice of wrapping was absolutely perfect as no other extra Deco was needed as the soap itself had enough beauty. I loved the label design and matching colours. The text was not too small as I could clearly read the information on the front and back.

    On opening the packaging I received a lovely floral aroma and even my 3 year old daughter came running to smell the soap and she fell in love with it immediately. Not only for the aroma but for the flower form and the tons of dried flower petals inside the soap.

    This soap fits perfectly in your hand and is not too heavy and thick. The underside is flat which allows the topside to remain intact and beautiful. I must say this soap is great for display purposes as well as for using. The overall feel of this soap is silky, smooth and has a curvy and groovy texture. The dome shape fits perfectly in the palm of your hand to allow a good firm grip and generally with normal bar soaps I find they tend to slip out of my hands. The soap only needs a little warm water or even just your own body heat before the oils start to release and absorb into my skin. The oils spread evenly and quickly and leaves no greasy marks on towel or clothing.

    I have very dry skin and I could not believe the difference as my flaky white skin just disappeared after first use. Even with towel drying the aroma did not lessen and this is very pleasing. The aroma on my body lasted the whole day and even when my husband came home and opened the front door he said what a lovely smell of flowers and my skin felt silky and soft. I will certainly buy this soap again. I am normally a fruity person but this flowery soap has certainly switched me. Thanks Eden’s Secret for a top soap.

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  5. Julie Anderson says:

    I Have Psoriasis and I am a little weary of using perfumed products.
    This Bar is quite amazing, smells beautiful and saw marked improvement after 2 days.Recommended it to family who have same condition.

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