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Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser

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A light daily moisturizer for healthy, toned skin, Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser refreshes and protects normal to slightly dry skin while supporting moisture content. This is our favourite Moisturiser.

• Neroli Absolute (Orange blossom Oil)  forms a light, breathable protective layer to maintain moisture balance

• Avacado extract with Aloe Vera & Apricot oils firms the skin

• Witch hazel & Glycerine supports and maintains vital, toned, balanced skin

• Keeps skin fresh and healthy throughout the day

If you have sore or cracked facial skin, then this is the one for you. You get the best of both worlds, because the Aloe Vera will soothe the sore skin whilst the Neroli Absolute will tone and nurture the skin too.

We do not use Parabens or any harmful ingredients in our products. (65gms = 2.5oz –

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4 Responses to “Gorgeous Facial Moisturiser”

  1. karen says:

    Hi Karen, Just wanted to give a big shout out about your face creams! They are Amazeing, i have been using a few of them for a year on and off and now own all of them(Yea me!) They are simply the BEST, i worked for a very large company from Paris that creats upscale cosmestic/ creams and yours is right there with them if not better. If any one is one the fence about these dont be, there that good, i use the Georgous gel and theGoddess cream in the morning and the Glamorous at night also the one with Neroli for any redness as needed whether am or pm this has made a great difference in my skin and i promise others will love it too! Now if only there was a cleanser and serum to match;)

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  2. ariondo says:

    my 16 yr. old son has been using this cream for his face that had a”burnt”look to it from acne medication and within 2 days he back to normal. he has not stopped using this and his complextion looks amazing!!!!!!!!

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  3. Angel says:

    I have re-ordered this cream to make sure I don’t ran out. I have not had an eczema flare up since I have been using this cream During the warm weather my neck, back of my neck, the inside of my elbows, my fingers are always dry and itchy. Except for very few dry spots on my thumb, my problem areas are no longer a problem. Thanks to your creams. They smell good, too.

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  4. Rhowen says:

    Neroli and Aloe Facial Moisturizer – This is a creamy, silky, light “gorgeous” moisturizer. My daugther has very sensitive skin. For the first 15 yrs of her life she can only use medicated, unscented creams prescribed by a physician; most of them needed reapplication during the day. She is now 16yrs old and for the first time – we found a cream that smells good, keeps the moisture on her face all day!

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