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The access or use of this Website constitutes Acceptance of the following conditions of use:

All images and material displayed on this website are the Copyright of Edens Secret.

None of the material from this website may be downloaded, copied, sold, reproduced, published, uploaded, posted, transmitted, distributed and/or otherwise dealt with or with, without the prior written authority of Edens Secret. This does however exclude the downlaoding any material on a single computer for personal , home use only, non commercial, provided that the copyright and other property notices remain intact. Edens Secret hereby discalims all liability in connection with any loss and/or damage howsoever arising as a concequence of either any use of, or the inability to use, the material on this site.

Edens Secret reserves the right to alter or change any product or price without any prior notice.

ADDRESSES – `It is imperative that you put the correct Name, Address, Phone Number, Email address on your order for shipping.  If it is incorrect and your parcel goes missing, or worse, undelivered, we WILL NOT replace or REFUND. these are the Courier instructions and even if one letter is incorrect and even if you have placed orders with us before, with the wrong address, and it arrived, we cannot be held responsible. COURIERS, also HAVE TO HAVE THE CORRECT EMAIL AND PHONE NUMBER, so that if they have trouble finding you they can call you, otherwise they just send the package to abandonment, NEVER to be seen again.

Also on my part, I may need to get in touch with you about something to do with your order, if I cannot get hold of you, because your email and/or phone numbers are incorrect, this will greatly delay your order, so please make sure that any personal details are correct. Do not worry I do not have time to bombard customers with sales email or sales calls. If tehre is a problem with your order I will try my hardest to get in touch with you, but if I cannot, I will simply refund your order total.


Refusals of Receipt of parcels from overseas, have to come with a valid reason for return. However shipping goods forth and Back costs a lot of money as each journey the package has to travel on an Aircraft and go through Customs at both ends. Edens Secret will be charged for each Journey and our courier may also charge us extra administration fees, if you are to return anything back to us. All of these fees do not come cheap and if you require a refund, all charges to Edens Secret from the Courier to us, I’m afraid, will have to be deducted from your refund. Proof of all of these charges will be sent to you, if this happens. so, please think carefully if you want to refuse a parcel.

You are responsible for any customs charges your Countries Customs wishes to add on to your delivery. As the importer you are responsible for any import duty that “could” be added. Please check your Countries rules and regulations before importing goods into your own country.

We do not refund or exchange goods if you simply decide that you do not want the products OR they were not what you expected. Our products are not perfect as they are all handmade and hand piped, this is a big part of the appeal of our products, that each one is unqiue and not just poured into a mould to each one is generic, like most soaps are.

Our products are specially made for use on teh body, however some people buy to use for home decor, If your goods are for home decor, the Goods must be stored in a warm, dry room, they will spoil if they are kept in a damp room, any damp will damage products, especially any sort of bath bomb, whether from us or any other company.

In compliance with EU Distance Selling Directive retail customers may cancel or exchange their order contract by returning the order to Edens Secret within 7 days from the receipt date of the goods (all orders are sent Royal Mail Recorded, so that delivery date can be checked online). They must be in their original condition and fit for resale. We will then refund the full value of the goods, less the original delivery charges, as soon as possible and no longer than 30 days from date the order was posted back to us. All returns must be sent back Royal Mail Recorded Delivery or any delivery that requires a signature upon delivery, this is to protect you as the sender, so that YOU can proove that I received the stock. I cannot be reposnible for packages sent and lost in the system and I will not refund or replace if I do not receive the stock back.

All return postage is the responsibility of the purchaser and Edens Secret do not accept responsibility for items lost or damaged in transit to us. Please make sure that any damages are reported to us within 48 hours of delivery date. Exchanges, simply return your purchases to Edens Secret within 7 days of receipt and we will dispatch replacement goods. Edens Secret reserve the right to refuse a refund or exchange if the goods are believed to have been damaged, or are not in their original condition. These Terms and Conditions do not affect your statuatory rights.


Please inspect your order immediately and contact Edens Secret within 48 hours if the goods you receive are damaged or incorrect so that we can address the problem and notify our carrier if necessary (they only allow 48 hours for us to report).

In the case of non delivery in the UK please wait for 14 days from the date of your order in case your order has been delayed. For European and worldwide orders you can notify us after 14 days but nothing can be done until 30 days after shipping date, you must notify us again after the 30 days and keep any receipts etc. from your purchase as we can only claim with your proof.

If you are overseas, please wait  days, sometimes couriers can take a while in busy times. You also must keep all your receipts and your Order ID, just makes it easy to find your order. Please do not wait any longer than 21 days as my courier website does not save info indefinately, after 40 days they archive it, which makes it very difficult to find your shipment. If we cannot find it after the 40 day period, We will be unable to replace your order to you, if you do not notify us in the time allotted,s imply because too much time may have passed for us to find signatures and proof of delivery.


Although, very rare on handmade soap, some countries may wish to charge you, The Importer, Import Duty and/or TAX on any goods that you import into your country. YOU are responsible for importing goods into your country, so please check your laws. Whilst I send thousands of orders all over the world per year, this has only happened twice, but is beyond my control. One the two occasions that it happened, the custoemr argued the point and found that they did not have to pay duty on handmade soap and body products, Customs had made a mistake. If you have to pay duty, it is at the responsibility of the importer, you, not the seller, me. In the UK we have to pay import duty and TAX on every single order that comes in from overseas. Which is the norm in our country. To see what the norm is in your country, please check with Customs before placing your order.


On our website you are welcome to add truthful comments about our products, especially great ones – Please note that all comments are PUBLIC – please remember that any votes, thumbs and comments you want to place on our site will be seen by everyone viewing our website. Because of cookies, when voting, commenting and thumbsing our products, your IP address is saved by our system – this is allowed by law. As the owner of this website, we are allowed to share your IP address, ONLY if you place public posts on our site, because you are commiting to an agreement that your comments, thumbs and votes will be public. Your privacy rights are not affected.


Because Wholesale informtaion is very privilaged, I reserve the right to withold my prices if I suspect that you may be a Bath & Body product maker – trying to get my wholesale prices. By requesting this informtaion you are entering into an agreement with me that you are enquiring that you wish to order stock from me to sell on and by entering into that agreement (it is irrelevent whether you read or did not read this infomation – because, you, as the buyer,  are responsible for reading the terms and conditions) that if you do not palce an order, I realise that you only wanted my wholesale prices, for any reason whatsoever, that I can and will take action against YOU for requesting my Pricing and Information. I am sorry to have had to write this, but I have had soo much time wasted on soapers, who have conned or tried to con me into giving them the info. They have given me false addresses, false names, false id, false EIN’s false Company numbers, false emails, false everything, and it is VERY time consuming trying to look into it all, and also costly as some places I look I have I have to pay to gain access to the info, only to find it is actually not even there.

Thank You

Kind Regards

Karen Morland


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