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Wholesale / Trade

We have now reduced all of our prices on the website to Wholesale Prices. We have a few bulk wholesale packages too. Cupcake Soaps, Cake Soaps, Creme Silk Soaps & Mini Cupcake Soaps. You will find them under each listing. There is now no Minimum Order Value (MOV), but we do have in place minimum order quantities (MOQ). This way everyone can enjoy our products at cheaper prices. Please note though, that IF YOU ARE OVERSEAS, WE MAY HAVE TO CHARGE EXTRA SHIPPING ON YOUR ORDER, but this will only happen, if the courier charge us extra. This will all be arranged before you pay for your order, so it will be up to you whether you wish to proceed.

I have to check all details to make sure that I am not already stocking anyone else in your area.

We only supply legitimate businesses that can be found on google. We will need the following details:- Your Name, Business Address, Business Phone Number, Website Address, Facebook or Any Social Media Link. Vat, Tax or EIN Number. 


Dear Prospective Clients,

Edens Secret, we were the very first company to make true Gourmet, Artisan Soap Cakes from Creme Silk Soap, handcrafted from start to finish, hand-piped and decorated, for you to enjoy, they have become very popular and we are one of the leaders in Design and Creativity, all of our designs are our own creations, so that you get originality before anyone else.

Edens Secret has (probably) the largest, range of NATURAL HANDMADE GOURMET ARTISAN Soaps in the UK, with absolute attention to detail, using the most exquisite Perfumes and Ingredients, giving you a competitive mark up for your Store. We are so passionate about what we do that we will endeavour to improve every step of the way, to ensure that YOU have the most outstanding ranges available.  We use the finest Natural Raw Ingredients that the Good Lord has given us, to ensure that our products are the best in their field, yet still making them affordable for customers. Our products are not the market style cheep and cheerful soaps we see around (nothing wrong with those), ours are much more special for those Stores who want to Stand Out In The Crowd and not just blend in. And I promise you putting our cupcakes and cakes in your window will pull those customers right through your door, they LOVE them and cannot resist buying!

Cold Process Soap is far superior to the Glycerine Soaps which are popular in the UK and we are excited to be one of the very few who supply Cold Process Soap

The products we supply at wholesale prices are as follows: Cold Process (Creme Silk) Soap Slices and Whole Loaves – Cold Process (Creme Silk) Cake Slices and Whole Cakes – Cold Process (Creme Silk) Cupcake Soaps, Cupcake Bath Bombs, Crystal (Glycerine) Soap Slices and Whole Loaves, Mini Cupcake Soaps, Mini Bath Truffles, Solid Body Butters (which double up as a solid perfume), Body Frostings (rich, silky body butter), and we are delighted to have now launched our Soy Candles, which have gone down very well. Sorry but we do not supply our Gift Sets, this is simply because the boxes we buy are not at wholesale prices, and not always available from our supplier, but we do supply everything that goes into a gift box.

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As our economy is low at present, I’m a big believer in creating a Very British Brand, every product is made in the Edens Secret Soap Kitchen, in the Heart of the Eden Valley, English Lakes, England. We together will hopefully be able to create good jobs for our people, who will be making Fairly Traded Products. Our customers LOVE the fact that our products are Genuinely handmade in England and so will yours. I know this is the way forward and what customers are wanting.

All of our Products are Certified (Safety Assessed) and in line with our strict EU regulations (Trading Standards are jumping on Homemade Soapers like it’s their new baby, so it you buy from us, you have peace of mind) as we also hold our product and public liability insurance (so please make sure that when you approach any supplier of A skin related, bath and body product, please check that Companies, hold the Safety Assessments that are required and Insurance too. This will ensure that you always get the best quality possible, and more importantly, that the manufacturer knows exactly what they are doing to create a SAFE PRODUCT for YOUR customers (if a customer has a bad reaction to products that you are selling, that are not made in a safe way, then you could be held responsible). So by buying from us, you will have peace of mind, when the Trading Standards Officers give you a visit. They have vistied me and checked that all of my litigation is in place.

As with all Wholesale Suppliers there is a minimum order amount, ours is:- £150 min first order with re-orders of £100.00 and minimum quantities apply, as is the norm (meaning you will have to buy at least 6 of any single product. Most soap suppliers sell by the loaf only)!

Because of the new EU lawas passed in 2014, we do not sell private label.

I Look Very Much Forward to Hearing From You

Kind Regards

Karen Morland (please send all enquiries to this email, as this is the email I use the most).


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